Free Tarot vs Paid Tarot Readings

The Enduring Appeal of Tarot Reading

According to a recent poll , one in four people have said they’ve consulted a psychic and it’s a similar story in many other countries across the world. One branch of the psychic world which appears to be particularly popular is tarot reading. If you’re one of the growing number of people thinking about having a tarot reading in the future then here’s some general information which may be of use to you.

Tarot reading is the act of telling the future or giving an insight into any situation using tarot cards. Individual tarot cards come in a tarot deck; each deck usually has seventy eight cards which comprises twenty two Major Arcana cards and fifty six Minor Arcana cards. These Minor Arcana are in turn split into four suits which are swords, wands, pentacles and cups. As you can see, the tarot deck has strong similarities with an everyday pack of playing cards. Examples of Major Arcana cards are The Sun, Death and Justice whilst typical Minor Arcana cards are the Seven of Pentacles, the Two of Cups or the Queen of Wands.

The way to tell the future through tarot is by interpreting the image of each card which appears in a reading. Each card also has traditional characteristics associated with it and in turn these can hold additional messages and guidance. For instance, the first card of the tarot pack is The Fool. In the most widely-used tarot deck, the Rider-Waite deck, this card has the picture of a young man setting off on a journey. This young man however, is not looking where he’s going and is about to step off a cliff. A dog is by his side trying to warn him of this. The youthful man holds a rose in one hand and a small bundle of possessions attached to a stick in the other.

The overall card and the youthful character have a carefree feel to them. As such, it’s a card which symbolizes this carefree quality in addition to other things like optimism, hope and youthful energy. With The Fool being the first card of the tarot pack, it’s also associated with new beginnings. If The Fool was drawn as a future card for your own tarot reading, it could therefore indicate this new beginning happening in your life at some point in the future. It may be you going on an actual journey or possibly starting a new job or perhaps a new romance happening. At the same time, it could be a warning about rushing into a situation you may later regret. If more information was needed, the tarot reader would naturally draw another card and in this way a more detailed message and future prediction could be given.

You may be wondering just how the tarot cards appear to predict the future and how exactly does tarot work? The short answer to this is that no-one quite knows although everyone will have their own theories. One line of thought is that guides, or angels, influence the tarot reader and the cards being drawn.? It’s thought that these guides can in turn provide the insights of the tarot reader via the images on the cards. Other tarot readers would say it’s simply their psychic abilities which enable them to see the future with the aid and inspiration of the cards. It’s these psychic powers, they would say, which also allow them to first pick the right cards and then interpret them correctly.

What’s clear is that many people, or more accurately, many women (the vast majority of people who use tarot are female) have complete faith in tarot and believe in it as a way of predicting the future. Whether it is spiritual guides who help show the future or whether it’s something else, many feel it works for them. In fact, nowadays more woman are now using tarot not just as a means of future prediction but as a kind of psychological therapy or advice service in order to give insights into personal situations whether it’s to do with their marriage, career prospects or even their own personalities. Tarot is also big business. In addition to the traditional face to face readings available, you can have readings done by phone. Phone lines of larger tarot companies however, often charge by the minute and (beware) the amount spent phoning these lines can quickly add up to a small fortune. With the advent of the internet, there are now cheaper alternatives available to phone lines such as free online readings , others carried out via Skype, email and even text messaging.

Some common sense advice before you have a tarot reading is to shop around first and explore the different methods available as well as the different places which offer tarot readings. Above all, be wary of getting into a situation where you feel you’re spending too much money or worse still, being manipulated by a tarot reader. The secret in having a good or enjoyable tarot reading lies first of all in finding a good tarot reader. This is someone who you feel comfortable with and ideally someone who you feel you have a connection with.

If it’s not possible to say there are genuine psychic tarot readers and fakes, then it is possible to say there are good tarot readers and bad ones. A good tarot reader is someone who is empathetic, has an excellent knowledge of tarot and at the end of the day, gives predictions which are more often than not correct or else gives insights into your life which are helpful to you. What we can say about the future with some certainly is the popularity of tarot is set to last for some time to come. With some caution, common sense and an open mind, it can also be an enjoyable, worthwhile and beneficial experience. offers free and subscription Tarot Card Readings online

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