6 Card Spread to answer your Questions

Shuffle & Deal Your Cards from the Deck

This is a good reading to simply ‘get a snapshot’ of how things are with you generally, at this moment in time.

Tarot card Readings can often help or guide you in times when you feel stressed , concerned or even excited about current or possible future events.

Our Free Online Tarot reading offers insight into six Topical categories of your life – Your Past , Present , Future , Love & Relationships , Money and of course your Career.

It is often helpful to recieve some guidance from a free online Tarot reading if not just to provide some calrity on a specific issue happening right now or some  insight into the possible Future.

Tarot can be spelt in may ways some use Taro or Tarro or even Tarow but no matter how you choose to spell it we are here to offer you the best possible experience we can.

We use only Major Aracana cards in the online reading , these give you a clear insight into our chosen 6 catagories as they represent the major themes which influence your life and unique personal journey.

You will notice that you will need to personally choose each card out of the pack  to ensure that we have the best chance of giving you a relevant reading .

Should you need further clarity on one of these specific catagories we have readings dedicated to each in our online reading page.

We here at Newagespace.com offer free and paid Tarot card readings along with the opportunity to access Live tarot readings through our dedicated page.

Our Free Astrology page offers monthly horoscopes by star sign and we have a New Age products page to assit you shopping for all things New Age.

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